Flow Forecast

A Multivariate Deep Learning for Time Series Forecasting Library

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Current Contributors/Maintainers:

@Isaac Godfried - Project lead

@kriti mahajan

@Pranjalya Tiwari

@Yeziwei Wang

@Kevin Li

@Adam Murphy

Prior Contributors:

Michael Wang

Wendy Mak

Jane Thompson

Project Goals

  • Provide a central repository of the latest deep learning for time series techniques.

  • Allow data scientists and ML engineers to easily test many different models and slight architectural variations to address their specific business use case.

  • Enable researchers to easily experiment, develop, and test novel deep learning for time series architectures.

  • Facilitate the incorporation of many modalities of data to improve model performance.

  • Open source and benchmark time series datasets in health, climate, and agriculture.

  • Enable easy integration with cloud providers AWS, GCP, Azure.